Please, take a look at some of the work I am most proud of.

Fashion Blog Fashion Blog

I'm working on many updates so please keep checking back for more!

Web Design

Graphic Design

Game Design

Science of Agriculture Website

This website hosts many of the animations and interactives involving soil that the Innovative Media Research & Extension Studio has made.

Programming this website and developing it to be as accessible as possible have been a big part of my efforts on it.

How to Deal with Manic Depression

I developed branding materials for How to Deal, a company I came up with. It is specifically for their Manic Depression division, helping people, young and old alike, learn to use their manic depression/bipolar disorder to enhance their lives rather than detract from it.

Curse Reverse Game BrandingCurse Reverse Game Branding

Math Game for Middle Schoolers

Curse Reverse is an educational game I have been project manager for. It is a browser-based game that gives middle school children the chance to experiment with different combinations of expressions to form a better understanding of how variables and numbers interact.

Web Design

Graphic Design


Game Design

Self Portrait Illustration

My name is

Kathryn-Mae Eiland (pronounced island), and I adore all aspects of design. I especially enjoy producing illustrations and layout design for books, publications, and more.

A Little Piece of My Portfolio

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