Self Portrait Illustration

So, hi! My name is Kathryn-Mae Eiland (pronounced island), and I adore design. All design is really exciting for me, but my talents really stem from my drawing abilities and my organization skills. From those, I especially enjoy producing illustrations and layout design for books, publications, and more.

Hobbies of mine include cooking delicious food, running, and drawing, so when appropriate, those topics may come across in my work.

Studio Experience

My studio experience has a lot of diversity at the moment, and I LOVE IT! It all falls under the umbrella of design of course, but the projects I have been working on over the past year have been a few mobile and browser based educational games, wine labels, a music video storyboard,a few branding identities, a movie poster, DVDs, DVD covers, and more. But there are more types of projects out there I would be interested in diving into, so if you have one and you're looking for a designer, I just might be your gal. Let's talk!

Take a look at my ETC profile.

Self Portrait Illustration