Allyship While Networking

Interactive Virtual Workshop

Project Management
Narrative Design

Why was this project personal for me?
Our team was tasked with tackling an issue that would make the game industry environment better for game-makers and encourage diversity.

This is important to me partially due to my intended career path being a part of the game industry and partially because I'm a member of multiple game industry minority groups. But this project became even more important to me once our scope was narrowed down to tackle networking and conference ettiquette and how to be an ally in that realm. I have had so many amazing networking opportunities for which I am extremely grateful, but I have also had some negative experiences for which I am so glad I had proactive allies around me to keep me out of compromising situations. The #MeToo movement is necessary and we tried to help address it and #GamerGate in the game industry with this project.

Once we decided to focus on networking and allyship, we set out to make an in person workshop that would help 20 to 40 senior and junior level University students in NYU game programs become more proactive allies. Through our research on the subject we learned that the greatest failing that makes people poor allies is inaction. Any action is better than nothing. We sought to create a workshop that didn't feel condescending to our participants, while also interesting them so they would actively engage in it.

The workshop we ended up delivering was a 2 hour virtual experience that could be held over Zoom or another comparable voice and video communication platform. We were able to employ cost and time effective solutions, segmenting the workshop into 3 parts: utilizing Google Slides and an Identity Mapping Unity interactive for the first part, a Scenario sharing Unity interactive for the second part, and Google Slides to co-design solutions for the third part.