The Escape

Jam-O-Drum Game

Project Management
Level Design
UI Design
Video Editing

For this project, in our Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) class, our team of 4 created a game for the Jam-O-Drum. The Jam-O-Drum is a unique unput device created at the Entertainment Technology Center that gives developers a platform to develop games on. The games consist of 4 players using rotation and tapping to complete games.

We had a relatively small team of 1 programmer, 1 sound designer, and 2 artists, and were given 2 weeks to develop a game with story as the main focus. Taking our team into account, we chose the Jam-O-Drum because it had two specific types of input to work with. We decided to start with a series of mini-games and see if we could form a compelling story taking inspiration from those mechanics. Our story developed out to be 4 coworkers who ended up doing something ill-advised and were arrested. They went to jail and became friends. They used their combined skills to break free from prison and that is where our game begins. The 4 players act as each of the 4 prisoners and work together to break free. But at the end, there is a choice to be made that ultimately breaks them apart.