URCAS (Undergraduate Research & Creative Arts Symposium)

Branding for Symposium

Layout Design
Packaging Design
Web Development
Project Management
August - November 2016

This was a collaborative project that I completed alongside Miguel Valle, Jessica Lopez, Hector Sarellano Jr, Daisy Martinez, Donovan Swann, Melissa Adame, and Nicholas Ostella. It was completed for Honors College at New Mexico State University, and I contibuted the booklet, icons, nametag design, and input throughout the design process.

It was a good challenge finding ways to incorporate the feel of the already established logo throughout the symposium's media materials. For the nametags, each college had a different color, pulled from the poster. And the booklet was limited to a black and white inside, so we ended up using variations of the shard pattern from the poster for the inside accents.