Continue scrolling to get a general overview of the process from start to finish.

Initial Consult

Once a need has been indentified, whether it is a website, poster, or something else that needs a professional designer, we can go ahead and schedule a meeting to talk about the project. This initial consult is free and is a good time for clients and I to get aquainted with the project and make sure we are choosing the best medium for the purpose.

To set up a meeting to discuss your project, send me a message giving me some of the specifics.

Agreement, Contract Signing, & Work Begins

I will create a contract based on our previous meeting and we can go back and forth with edits until both parties are satisfied.

I have a contract format that I prefer, but if you do the same, I am open to looking over yours and altering it's contents until both parties are satisfied. Once we have a deal in place and contract signed, I will begin work on our project!


Depending on the size of the project, there could be 1 proof, or many more. These help the client and designer ensure they are on the right track.

Proof feedback is essential to the design process, but most of the time it adds a substantial amount of time to the project. For that reason, it's effects are built into the timeline and budget, so there will be a specified number of proofs requested and allowed and additional charge will be incurred for additional proofs. Likewise, additional time will be used for proofs not promptly evaluated for feedback (and in some cases this may incur additional charge as well).

Finished Product

Once I have gotten approval of the proofs, and made adjustments for the final version all agreed upon materials will be handed over for client's use.

Additional work, such as accompanying advertisements, maintenance, etc., can be requested and negotiated at the time of the initial contract or a new contract can be made after the initial contract is fullfilled.